About Me

Hello! I'm David Wright, a product designer in San Francisco who aims to create experiences that are as useful as they are beautiful. I spent most of my career in and around digital newsrooms and I have expertise designing editorial products. I believe in framing the problem, user-centered research and egoless collaboration.

Designer, Chorus

Right now, I'm working with an incredibly smart and very talented team at Chorus, designing experiences that help people stay committed to their health and fitness goals.

Designer, Coda

At Coda, I helped build a new kind of collaborative document (like a Google Doc) that gives non-programmers the ability to create powerful applications to help get their work done.

Staff designer, Twitter

At Twitter, I focused on creating foundational design systems to help make Twitter a great experience for everyone. Along with Dave Bellona, I led the design efforts on Twitter Lite – a ground up responsive redesign of the Twitter web stack. I also helped ship a bunch of other stuff along the way, too.

Design director, National Public Radio

At NPR, I led the teams responsible for the design and UX for all of NPR’s digital products. I was on the team that researched, concepted and launched NPR One. As an individual contributor, I led the design efforts on Planet Money for iPhone, NPR Books, Live Music Events and others.


Prior to NPR, I spent three years as a Senior Site designer at USA TODAY. Before that, I was a UI designer at SmartBrief and a multimedia developer Knight-Ridder/Tribune, where I created editorial graphics by hammering out ActionScript on stone tablets. My full work history is documented on LinkedIn.


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