About Me

I’m David Wright, an award-winning product designer based in the San Francisco bay area. I have expertise designing editorial products, having spent most of my career in and around digital newsrooms. I believe in framing the problem, user-centered research and egoless collaboration.

Staff designer, Twitter

Currently, I'm a staff designer on the platform team, focused on creating foundational design systems to help make Twitter a great experience for everyone. I've helped ship a bunch of cool stuff, and am currently working on a thing that I'll tell you about later, okay?

Design director, National Public Radio

At NPR, I led the teams responsible for the design and UX for all of NPR’s digital products. I was on the team that researched, concepted and launched NPR One. As an individual contributor, I led the design efforts on Planet Money for iPhone, NPR Books, Live Music Events and others.


Prior to NPR, I spent three years as a Senior Site designer at USA TODAY. Before that, I was a UI designer at SmartBrief and a multimedia developer Knight-Ridder/Tribune, where I created editorial graphics by hammering out ActionScript on stone tablets. My full work history is documented on LinkedIn.


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