About this work

These projects represent a subset of work from the past 5 or so years. In each project, I try to expose part of the origin story for the project or feature. I love talking about this stuff even more in person, especially when I can reference a design file or show some notebook sketches. Here is a little more on the projects listed above:

  • Chorus FitnessAn overview of the experience, research and tools we created to help people stay accountable to health and fitness goals.
  • Chorus Fitness Team ChallengesHow might we help people work together to feel like a cohesive team?
  • Twitter LiteA responsive, component-based redesign of Twitter's mobile site.
  • NPR OneCreating an always-on listening experience in the spirit of NPR's popular newsmagazines.
  • Planet Money for iPhoneTranslating the popular podcast into a listening and reading experience.
  • NPR BooksOrganizing NPR's expansive book review and list content into a powerful, structured and beautiful reading experience.